Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Fresh Beginnings & Toasty Winter Warmers

Here are a few photos of the Christmas period when I went back home. We ended up making in down to Cornwall (just escaping all the snow and black ice) and were held captive for 5 days by bright blue skies, sunshine and snow. It was truly beautiful. As was our unconventional Christmas tree - a large branch of an oak tree that had been cut down due to it being covered in a mound of ivy. Not a problem if you add fairy lights. Instant Christmas!

I have just purchased off my Marverlous Mate Max, his Nikon D40, complete with fisheye lens! I have said farewell to my trusty Canon SX120, an am going to venture out to photograph as much as I can with this new digital SLR! Exciting times ahead!

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