Sunday, 14 November 2010

New and Exciting Things for the Autumn

A Restless Autumn of Protesting

Been a busy bee recently. And a highly pro-active political protester!

Firstly - the above song, Hope There's Someone by Anthony and the Johnsons was a gem of a tune that I heard on Radio 2 , that rather eclectic mix that has something for everyone. The song is wonderfully haunting and melancholy - perfect for the encroaching darker evenings that are now upon us.

Secondly, as those - especially in the UK - may know, on Wednesday there was a (to start with at least) peaceful protest outside No. 10 Downing Street and was supposed to continue on past the iconic structure of the House of Parliament in London. This was my first protest, and although it was an early set off from North Wales (had to get up at 3:30!!) it was most definitely worth it! The feeling of so many people being in the same place to try and change the way we learn was amazing.
However, as ever there are always a few who decide to ruin things, and so our largely peaceful protest became over shadowed by people crashing into the Conservative Head Quarters and setting fire to the protest plaques that shortly before had been for something so positive.
The press loved it.
It showed students (even though many of those who were doing the smashing were in fact not students - merely people who wanted a fight) in a tainted light.
I hope however, that the main message gets across to those who we have unfortunately entrusted power to.
Cutting the Arts is UNacceptable. It is our culture, a way of expressing ourselves, it is as important as know how to walk or talk.

Thirdly in my relaxed Sunday catch-up, is the find of the film called Restless. It stars Mia Wasikowska, the star in Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland. Yes - she has cut hair hair. Those gorgeous golden locks that made the character of Alice what it was are no more. What remains is a cute pixie hair cut that she can really pull off! I can entirely empathise with doing this; a few years ago I had over a foot of hair cut off all in one go. Liberating beyond words!
Anyway, I hope that you enjoy the look of this film as much as I do. I especially am liking her rust coloured tartan jacket with broaches attached - may have to go and scour out some charity shops....

Monday, 1 November 2010

Freezing Moustaches

Freezing Moustaches

Freeze, Facial Hair and some Tunes

My wonderful sister told me about the above artist - Benjamin Francis Leftwich. After watching this video, which I personally think is how every childhood should be remembered - in that disjointed, rose tinted way. It has also totally inspired me to make the most of my week off (ok fine, 'Reading Week').

After my birthday on Wednesday - the facial hair was most certainly a grand idea I must say - D and I went to London for the Freeze festival (my birthday present to him). It was - in the words of the highly annoying commentator - 'GNARLY', 'EPIC', 'RAD' - pretty much any stereotype word that you can possibly think of with the skiing world - insert here! It was grand though. Plenty of wonderfully retro ski outfits and shell suits - trust me - neon is ALWAYS good on the slopes!

In a free magazine Cooler I found a rather interesting and wonderful opportunity. The SKETCH BOOK PROJECT! I am trying to figure out if I have the funds to pay $25 to take part. BUT...I am thinking how fantastic it would be to have my sketch book, in a gallery, with other people looking at it and inspiring them (maybe selling it?!) all in another country! I will keep you updated.

Also - thanks to people doing what they say (plus a smidge of birthday money!) I am now in a position to buy a new camera. I adore my Canon PowerShot SX110 IS, but feel that I have reached my limits of what I can do with it. Plus, to be fair, it was going back from what I previously had (the Canon G9 - how I miss it!) So - any advice that you Bloggers out there may have - I would appreciate.