Monday, 18 October 2010

Summer Sights

Full Bloom till Spring

Here are a few (very brief) snaps from the summer. I suddenly realised that I had been horrendously slack. As They say; Life happens whilst you're making plans! Anyway, I shall shortly do a very quick summary of the summer, then head on to (in my opinion) more exciting the autumn!

It's great for a number of reasons.

Crunchy leaves.

Red, orange and yellow rain from above.

Pumpkins! (I will see a pumpkin patch at some point!)

My birthday! (although the number 23 doesn't seem quite as young any more...)

Frosty mornings.

The air of change.

The joy of being able to dress up in cosy (or 'gemutlich' - clearly my German is coming in handy!) clothes and not feel silly in big warm knitted things and hats and scarves.

In my up-and-coming posts I will be asking for advice. As it is the season of change (in my view anyway) my trimmer waistline (yay!) and the anticipation of my belated grant coming through, a much needed trip to the Realm of Shops and Culture is needed. A few choice pieces are to be bought...but what to get?! Any ideas??? Also...hairstyles - my hair now resembles a mop even more than usual, and feel a need to do something, ANYTHING to it! Fringe? Yay? Nay? Help!