Saturday, 3 July 2010

A film to look forward to...I think so!


Not since Sherlock Holmes have I been quite so excited to see a film in the cinema. From the director of The Dark Knight (Christopher Nolan) and staring Ellen Page, Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, MichaelCain & Cillian Murphy, and set inside the minds of people, it doesn't sound like it could get any better.

I have a bizarre obsession about writing down my dreams (any one else do this???) and I feel that they have great control over how I feel the next day. Sometimes I get so involved in them that I find it painfully hard to distinguish from dream and reality. This film is about the control of dreams, and blurring both aspects - everyday life and the life of when we sleep. DiCaprio has excelled himself in the last few years in terms of film - obviously the clincher was Titanic in terms of his film career, but I personally feel that films such as The Beach and Blood Diamond do far more for him in terms of showing his acting skills, and don't even get me started on What's Eating Gilbert Grape? His acting was so good, that I honestly thought that he was mentally challenged.

It also hosts Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Page is the golden child of Juno, the film that made so much sense, and makes me cry and smile in equal quantities with some of the best music for that plinky-plonky honky tonk feel of goodness; and Gordon-Leviit over the years has done so much that I adore. Not that I am a tad biased with a teen crush on him IN the slightest...but such iconic films that depicts certain periods of my life such as 10 Things I hate About You - that absolute gem that re-does Shakespeare so grungy and real with one of THE BEST soundtracks to a film that I springs to mind, as well as more up-to-date projects as The Lookout, and the Indie film, Brick, as well as (500) Days of Summer - which I have only just seen somehow and instantly fell in love with - the music, the colours, the clothes, the brutal honestness of a man's journey through love and beyond.

So yes - as you can tell, I am indeed excited to see what this film has to offer, as it also has Breakfast On Pluto and Batman Begins star, Cillan Murphy. Roll on July 16th!