Thursday, 17 June 2010

Cirque du Soleil


A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I went along to Liverpool (after Scotland - the photos will be up soon - they need to be developed). I haven't been to Liverpool since 2005(?!) with Foundation, and even though it's been a fair ol' while, I still utterly adore it. When we arrived (keeping in mind that we barely had time to actually sight see etc, just get to the Echo Arena) it was bright and blue and sunny. Liverpool architecture is all about the juxtaposition - old versus new, all next to each other, but all fitting together well like some giant puzzle.
The show itself was mind blowing (thanks to all the seats not having been sold, we got upgraded!) It started off a tad disjointed it seemed, but when the music started, that was when the proper show began. The gymnastics were exceptional, and the costumes (keeping in mind I started a degree in Costume, and even though I didn't complete it, doesn't hinder my love of beautiful and well made outfits) were inspiring and wacky and amusing. I managed to sneak a few photos (minus flash - as you weren't really supposed to take any - and I did get told off!) so excuse the poor quality of them - but hopefully it will give you some idea of how great it was! It was visually stunning, amusing, and just generally enjoyable. If you ever get the chance to - go and see a show!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Music to my ears


After a bit of a strange day (I'm doing my month's placement at a butterfly / reptile / bugs / small pets place called Pili Palas), and having been crapped on by a snake (NOT something that I suggest in any shape or form) I came home to listen (AGAIN) to Whitley. I found out about him from watching Flashforward (what can I say - I got hooked!) and it was on the final episode of the first series.
So far he has totally rocked my epicentre of music, and I can't wait to listen to him whilst at a BBQ on the beach when I'm not working!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

One BIG Weekend


Wow - it's been a while! I've had a fairly busy time since having finishing my exams (yay - first year over!) The weekend before my final exam, Radio 1's Big Weekend came to Bangor, North Wales. As you can imagine, this was a fairly major event, as thins sort of thing doesn't often happen in Bangor. The sun shone (I managed to get some rather excellently sunburnt shoulders), music was played, jumping around was done, and my boyfriend and I managed to make the grand total of £46 by picking up paper cups (I strongly suggest this to anyone going to festivals this summer!)
There were many people - a variety of the hard-core 'indie' people, those that looked as if they'd been tangoed, and many, many people that fashion had apparently passed. Faithless were easily my favourite band that I saw there, MGMT were spewing out the summer vibe; but I always love it when you go to a festival and find a band that you had never heard of, and turned out to be rather great. So was the case with Bombay Bicycle Club. I guttingly missed the acoustic session, but managed to catch the main performance. The main singer had a fantastically energetic (though it did look at points that he was having some sort of fit!) way of dancing, which added to the enthusiasm of the audience. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did.
The best way to start the summer?
A free festival where the sun shines, you manage to make money by doing good for the environment, whilst seeing and hearing fantastic bands!

Vintage tent at Radio 1's Big Weekend, 2010

These two photos above are of the stall of Dolls & Molls. I brought (with my money earned from collecting paper cups!) a gorgeous pair of earings in the shape of feathers, gold in colour, and went gorgeously with my turquoise top that I was wearing. Their stuff was well priced (the earings were only £4) and had a rather nice home-made quality, as opposed to the shop brought stuff, so you know that you won't find someone with the stuff jewellery as you (unless of course their taste is as good as yours!)


Bombay Bicycle Club